Blaire Comrie: Comrie Software Solutions, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Blaire Comrie: Comrie Software Solutions, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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WeCare Application, Survey Website

  • Surgical Procedures and Operating Room Cost Tracking/Reporting Module
  • Dietary Planning and Billing Module
  • Survey/Questionnaire Management Web Application

Web Based Quoting Application

  • Global Customer Base with Sales Reps in Multiple Countries
  • Product Quoting System with Web Interface and SQL Server Database
  • Runs on Multiple Device Platforms

Playgound Construction Project Management Application

  • Centralized Project Management Windows Application
  • Document Management through Windows Application
  • Timeline and Milestone Tracking
  • Application Populates linked documents with Consistent Customer and Project Information
  • Web Interface for Remote Sales Representatives.

OneCall Utility Screening Web Application

  • OneCall Ticket Text Email to Database Parsing
  • Automated Map Location of Parsed data using ESRI ARCGis Map Server
  • OneCall Ticket Management
  • Incident Billing/Payment Generating and Reporting

Asset/Equipment Financial Forecasting Application

  • Equipment/Asset Purchase and Sale Tracking
  • Equipment/Asset Job Assignment/History and Income Forecasting
  • Equipment/Asset Depreciation Calculations

Live Internet Auction Website

  • Live Cattle Auction Website with Streaming Video/Audio
  • Real-time bidding and Auctioneer
  • Cattle Lot Management
  • Bidding Web Interface, Streaming Audio/Video, Picture Slide show of Cattle Lot.